Jon Bailey

Jon Bailey

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Chief Operating Officer
Precision ProCo

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For over 20 years I’ve had the pleasure in working with top teams within the UK’s most well known e-commerce, retail and corporate brands with the goal of saving them time, effort and money through incorporating creativity and the latest technology.

I’m passionate about embracing digital disruption, growing and uncovering e-commerce opportunities, increasing footfall in the high street and thinking differently about print. I enjoy optimising the latest technology, techniques and ideas to help demystify data, automate workflow and get clever with customer engagement.

I also believe and invest in the concept that it’s the people that make amazing businesses and that by creating a ‘can do’ culture with engaged people working freely towards a common purpose you can unleash their potential and build something brilliant!

And that’s why I’m very proud to represent and be part of the team at Precision Proco Group.

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