Software: The Key to Successful Adaptation

A talk by Jonathan Malone-McGrew
Senior Director, Engagement, Solimar Systems

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About this talk

We believe that success in today’s unpredictable business climate is adaptation. It is a mindset, and as Einstein once said, ‘it is not the biggest or strongest that will evolve and succeed, it is those best able to adapt’.

And we believe that software, more specifically our software can provide any under pressure printer with the keys to adaptation in order to make the best of the challenging trading conditions we now inhabit and to best position our businesses for the future.

There are so many things that software enables. Yet so much of this value is typically missed by many print service providers.

Why is this? Because we just have not had to worry about adaptation before. And software, to those who don’t work with it day in and day out, may seem complex, unfamiliar and unnecessary.

But in reality, it is simple, surprisingly familiar and a proven key to increased performance.

Times are tough, and we know most print shops have postponed their capital investment plans.

So, what can we do to aid our recovery? Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to use clever but easy to use software that optimises the tech that you do already have?

Whatever your market and whenever you are, now is the time to learn how to deploy the easy tricks and methods to add value, streamline processes and unlock new opportunities.

And it doesn’t require a degree in software engineering to work it out. We promise!