The essential sales channel for 2020: a SIMPLE way to win new clients on LinkedIn

A talk by Matthew Parker
Print Champion, Expert

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About this talk

Everyone is saying you should sell on social media but how do you actually achieve results? There is plenty of information on which buttons to press but very little on successful social media sales strategy. It’s hard for many people to know how to spend their time profitably once they have set up their LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is proving a remarkably successful sales channel, especially at this time It is becoming harder and harder to get in touch with people as home working becomes the new normal for 2020. But LinkedIn allows you to do just that. And you have a better chance of converting prospects than through traditional sales channels.

Winning work on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be hard In this session Matthew Parker, Champion of Print at Profitable Print Relationships, takes attendees through how to implement a simple, four-stage process that will transform your sales pipeline. It can all be achieved with a free LinkedIn account. You don’t need lots of time and you don’t need specialist skills.

You learn: - Easy ways to improve your profile - How to find exactly the right prospect - The two big mistakes many people make that put people off doing business with them - How to share great content without spending hours creating it - How to create warm prospects from your connections

About the speaker:

Matthew is unusual in the printing industry in that he is poacher turned gamekeeper. After many years buying print, Matthew set up his own consultancy.

He was immediately approached a number of printing companies asking him to share his secrets on how to get the best out of today’s buyers. Mathew now shares his buying experiences, good and bad, with the printing industry.

Over his career Matthew received sales approaches from over 1,400 printing companies. So he knows what works and what doesn’t. Everything Matthew teaches comes from his unique view as a commercial buyer of print.

Matthew works with a large variety of printing companies. Typically, he finds many of his clients are: - frustrated that so many conversations revolve around price

  • struggling to stand out from the competition

  • unsure about how to approach selling in today’s business environment

Matthew works with his clients, provising training, mentoring and e-learning to help them create profitable new business.

Over the years Matthew has worked with hundreds of printing companies. He has worked with a number of leading print industry associations including Dscoop, FESPA, BPIF and IPIA. He has also spoken at a wide range of industry gatherings all over the world for the likes of Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Dscoop, Antalis and FESPA. And he has regularly featured in publications such as Printing Impressions, Canvas, Printweek and Print Monthly, to name just a few.